Process for Purchase Orders

Step 01

Propose the Need

Step 02

Try the Sample

Step 03

Order the products

Step 04

Confirm Delivery method

Step 05


Step 06

Arrival notice

Step 07

Receive the products

Step 08

Aftersales Services

Delivery Method and Schedule

▲Orders are closed at 15:00 on the day before the delivery date.

▲Regions to the south of Xizhi and the north of Taoyuan: The goods will be delivered by our logistics (refer to the following Table for the delivery schedule), the freight is NT$150/piece, and free delivery is available with a purchase reaching NT$2,000.

▲Regions to the north of Xizhi and the south of Taoyuan: The goods will be delivered by collaborative logistics companies, where the freight will be calculated separately.

Taipei CityShihlin District/Beitou District/Wanhua District/
Zhongshan District/Zhongzheng District/Datong District
Monday, Friday
Songshan District/Daan District/Sinyi District/Wunshan DistrictTuesday, Thursday
Neihu District/Nangang District/Xizhi DistrictThursday
New Taipei CityTamsui District/Bali DistrictMonday
Yonghe District/Zhonghe District/Banqiao DistrictMonday, Friday
Sindian District/Shulin District/Luzhou District/Wugu DistrictTuesday, Thursday
Yingge District/Sanxia DistrictWednesday

Process for Returns & Exchanges

Returns for Self-Pick-Ups

  • The 7-day waiting period does not apply to trades made in physical stores (Item 1, Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act).
  • For the prevention of food safety issues, no returns and exchanges will be accepted except for product abnormalities (microorganisms, physical, chemical properties).
  • Product abnormalities do not include discrepancies of taste based on the perception of a single party (a certain proportion of the main raw materials are agricultural products, therefore, under a certain probability, a slight difference in the taste of each batch is normal.)
  • For returns and exchanges based on product abnormalities, please provide the invoice from the trade for the benefit of the following operations.

Returns for Deliveries

  • For trades made at non-physical stores, the complete product packaging and invoice must be kept to make a return or exchange within 7 days.
  • No returns and exchanges will be accepted for frozen products, ordered products, and customized products except for product abnormalities (microorganisms, physical, chemical properties).

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