Shang Tong Food has transformed to provide consulting services for business start-ups.
With the experience from managing Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center, we connected catering teachings with store management to launch the pioneering 3-in-1 compound store [Shang Tong World Milk Tea Center].。

3 Main Services

The 3-in-1 compound store serves two customer groups, one is the general consumers who purchase retail products and freshly blended beverages, creating consumers’ first impression towards the products through freshly blended beverages, thereby enhancing the sales quantity of instant powdered packs to create diversified income.

The other group is the hand-shaken drink proprietors, where professional tea drink lessons and commercial-purpose raw materials are provided, both can be completed all at once at the compound store.

Media Reports

Exposures via multiple marketing channels continue to create brand traffic.

Support from Headquarters


Innovative R&D
Trendy New Products


Online & Offline
Channel Promotion


Boba Tea Materials
Directly Managed by the Factory


Professional Operation
Counselling & Teaching


Practical experience in starting up a store


Product Exportation
Lots of Experience


Food Safety
International Certification

Process of Franchise

Step 01

Online form or inquire via telephone

Step 02

Attend franchise seminar or

Discuss face-to-face

Step 03

Evaluation from headquarters

Step 04

Letter of Intent Agreement and
Pay the deposit

Step 05

Official contract signing

Step 06

Educational training

Step 07

Store trial operation

Step 08

Celebration of the official opening

More Services

Training Courses

Product Catalogue

Customized Materials

Dealers Recruitment