About Shang-Tong Food

Founded in 1979, Shang-Dao Food is a professional manufacturing factory for tea drink raw materials. It owns 6 regular chain factories domestically and internationally, and is capable of providing customized raw materials services (OEM).

Other than producing tea drink raw materials, it also provides one-stop store-opening services to assist youths in starting up a business, and has counseled over 2,000 dining brands in total.

Kili Bay Pearl Milk Tea Cultural Center”, the first pearl milk tea tourism factory green building was established in 2015, providing activities for experiences related to education, tourism, cultural communication, delicacies, etc., sharing the pearl milk tea from Taiwan to the entire world.

Managerial Principles

Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Sustainability

These four elements link to form the managerial principles for the development of the Shang-Dao Company. Recipients of services from Shang-Dao include thousands of stores and hundreds of branded stores, and through the management process, we deeply realized that, to manage the industry properly, we must also provide the best services.

For the past 4 decades, Shang-Dao Food has been devoted to assisting future store planning and design, counseling new brands, training international talents, etc. other than the development of food ingredient R&D applications, and has further gained attention from international people with pearl milk tea, the Taiwanese delicacy as a way to market Taiwan.

Enterprise history

  • 1979: Shang-Dao Coffee Food Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 1993: Báiyún Factory No. 1 in Guangzhou (China) was completed
  • 1998: Shang-Tong Food Co., Ltd. was founded
  • 2000: Shang-Tong Food Co., Ltd. Macao Branch was founded
  • 2001: Shang-Dao Food Taipei factory was completed
  • 2003: Báiyún factory No. 2 in Guangzhou (China) was completed
  • 2010: The dining business brand “Kilibay Bubble Tea Cultural Center” was founded
  • 2015: Su’ao Factory No. 1 in Yilan was completed
  • 2018: Shang-Tong Food Co., Ltd. Fujian branch was founded
  • 2019: Báiyún factory No. 3 in Guangzhou (China) was completed
  • 2020: Shang-Tong Food Limited Liability Company in Japan was founded
  • 2021: Su’ao factory No. 2 in Yilan was completed

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