You are looking for beverage raw materials? Right here at Shang Dao Food !

Shang Dao Food provides a wide range of beverage materials and ingredients for various channels.

Below are the major channel services offered:

Tea Beverage Stores

Unlock the infinite potential of your beverage business

Own a comprehensive package specifically designed for beverage business owners, including professional beverage training courses, diversified range of raw materials, and customized services, enabling you to become an industry leader.
Tapioca Pearls
Special Sugar
Flavored Powder
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Chinese-Western Restaurant

Showcasing the charm of Chinese and Western culinary fusion

We provide premium raw materials, including tea bags, black tea, green tea, and more, to bring a unique flavor to your Chinese-Western fusion restaurant. By carefully select tea leaves, we believe to become a perfect partner for your businesses. Let’s creating a delightful culinary experience together!

Orange Syrup
Honey Scented Black Tea Bag
Taiwan Milk Tea Powder
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Breakfast / CAFÉS 

Plentiful of beverage choices with affordable prices

We offer a variety of raw materials, including tea bags, milk tea powder, fruit juices, and instant coffee powder, etc. with not only affordable prices, but also a high-quality products for your enjoyment.

Taiwan Milk Tea Powder
Orange Syrup
Winter Melon Syrup
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Fast Food Chain

An ideal combination of quality and diversity in fast food

We offer a variety of raw materials for fast food chains, including tea bags, fruit juices, and instant coffee powder, etc. With affordable prices and outstanding quality, our products ensure to make your menus more flavorful and refined.

Special Sugar
Taiwan Milk Tea Powder
Honey Scented Black Tea Bag
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Ice Cream / dessert stores

The ideal collaboration partner for you in the ice cream industry.

With our high-quality raw materials, we guarantee excellent taste and superior quality for your ice cream products. Collaborate with us to make your ice cream chain stand out in the market!

Soft Tofu Pudding Powder
3Q agar Original
Special Smoothie Powder
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SWEETS AND Dessert Chain

Leading the way to create your-own unique desserts

We provide a wide range of raw materials for dessert chains, including toppings for ice cream, fruit-flavored syrups, fructose, and dairy creamers, among others. With diverse choices and guaranteed quality, we help you create an exquisite dessert menu, making your dessert chain a new benchmark for creativity in sweet treats!

Strawberry Snow Ice Powder
Taro Balls Mixes Powder
Tapioca balls
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Retailer / Wholesaler

Meeting diverse in-bulk demands, offering a variety of raw materials

We provide a diverse range of raw materials for retail wholesalers, from ingredients to toppings, we have a wide selection to meet your needs. Partner with us to seize opportunities for diversified growth in your business!


Tapioca balls

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Global Distributors

The ideal partner for global distributors.

We offer a diverse range of food raw materials, customized services and training courses for those who want to become distributors. Contact us now to build successful business together!

Sugar Syrup
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Corporate Procurement

Exclusive partner for corporate procurement departments

We offer a variety of tea leaves and tea bags, including options for office pantry supplies, festive gifting, and more. Provide the best choices for your employees and clients. Feel free to contact us for the most ideal gifting needs for your partners!

Pyramid Tea Bags
World Milk Tea Bag Gift Set
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If you are seeking products that cater to the authentic local tastes of your region, we also offer personalized raw material customization services.

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